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Aviva Equity Release: Integrated Branding


Aviva Equity Release marketing had traditionally been quite varied in look and feel. We were briefed to create a new Equity Release style that had one distinctive creative identity across communications used by all teams, stakeholders and agency partners. This new set of guidelines needed to be primarily aimed at attracting and engaging 55-75 year old homeowners to regain market share from L&G and Just Retirement. 


Through in-depth competitive analysis and research we discovered that our audience saw retirement as the start of a new chapter and were turned off by cliché images of grey haired couples happily strolling down a beach. Using this insight we produced a number of unique concepts with cut through and distinction in a very ‘me too’ market.  These created attention and engagement by highlighting our audience’s desire for a financially secure and fulfilling lifestyle leading up to and in retirement. 


The chosen concept was a simple and direct route based on rethinking your future by taking control of what you do with the money locked in your home thanks to Aviva Equity Release.

Using strong and distinctive words and vibrant, arresting imagery we drove the proposition beyond the vanilla branding often seen in this market. One word headlines, all starting with ‘Re’, created empowering and immediate messages which were then explained in a subhead. These were accompanied by uplifting and relevant imagery of people experiencing the benefits of Equity Release.

This modern and uplifting campaign positioned Aviva as understanding the needs, desires and dreams of their target audience.