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Thumbs Down: Don’t Let Bad Facebook Advertising Happen to Your Business

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Facebook Ads – love them or loathe them, they’re everywhere.

The Facebook ad platform is incredibly powerful, drawing data from users’ online activity (both on and off the Facebook site) and from offline activity. With their wealth of data, it can sometimes feel like Facebook knows more about us than we do about ourselves!

Over half the population of the UK are now active on Facebook – that’s a little over 33 million people. With this steady growth of users, the competition to capture attention on the platform is becoming more intense.

For businesses on Facebook, this increase in traffic combined with a big drop in organic reach has meant one thing: invest in Facebook ads, or risk disappearing from view on the platform.

Some brands jump into paid Facebook posts and get very frustrated. They put money into boosting their posts, but are unsure what (if any) results they should expect to see. Unfortunately, without clear objectives and a strategy to guide your paid social media activities, it’s likely you’re wasting time and money.

If you’re managing a Facebook page for your business, here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Facebook Advertising Mistakes

1. Boosting All Your Posts

Boosting posts is easy – Facebook provides that helpful little button right there on your post! But hang on, before you click it, let’s stop and think. If you’re boosting every post, then you are SPAMMING your page followers. This is the surest way to get blocked or un-Liked. Don’t give Facebook another penny of your money before you develop a strategy around which posts should get boosted, and how often. This is where your paid social strategy should be your guide.

2. Not Using Adverts Manager

While boosted posts have a role to play in your Facebook marketing strategy, if you’re not using Adverts Manager, then you’re missing out. Boosted posts are the hammer in the Facebook toolbox, but there are many, many other tools available! Facebook offers ad formats specifically optimised for every marketing objective – whether you want to collect emails, get more page likes, or drive traffic to your site.

3. Not Retargeting Your Website Visitors

Did you know you can show your Facebook ads to people who have recently visited your website? These retargeting ads can be most effective since they allow you to reach warm leads – people who already know your business and have been to your site. With Facebook’s website tagging, you can find highly relevant audiences for your ad campaigns, instead of wasting ad spend on people who are not in your target market.

4. Not Having a Clear Objective

For best results, your ad should have one single objective, with a clear call-to-action for your audience. Don’t ask people to like your page, click through to your website, submit their email, then leave a comment on your ad. Social media is fast-moving and people scroll through their feeds at lightning speed. Your ad needs to very quickly communicate your offer, and not ask people to follow several complex steps to participate. Keep it simple and relevant.

5. Skipping the Landing Page

For website conversion ads – whether you want your visitors to download content, submit a form, or complete a sale – you need to provide a cohesive customer journey that doesn’t leave them stranded. This requires a user-friendly – and mobile-friendly – landing page. One that reassures potential customers that they’re in the right place, and encourages them to proceed with completing the conversion. When a lead clicks on an ad for a specific offer or product, and then arrives on your homepage, you’ve lost them. If people have to spend time clicking around your site to find your offer, they may not bother.

6. Going It Alone

We can help! If you’re feeling stuck with your Facebook advertising, at EWE we have a remedy for Facebook frustration! Get in touch and find out how we can drive real results for your business with bespoke paid social campaigns.

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