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When Too Far Is Just Right: Get The Right Tone Of F***ing Voice

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I’m not good at networking but it’s often an essential part of working in the marketing industry. The reason I’m not good at it is I can’t really stand small talk, it seems somehow false and forced. It also comes with a certain element of ‘beige’ language as you’re necessarily getting to know a new person – you don’t know their interests or if you have any shared common ground; you also don’t know where their boundaries lie.

A place where we really see this manifest is LinkedIn – lots of safe language and sensible sentences as one professional broadcasts to others. That’s why this week I was delighted to come across a LinkedIn renegade who sent the platform into a tailspin by dropping the F bomb.

Cara Mackay, Managing Director at Gillies and Mackay, posted a very sweary but real, and definitely not ‘beige’, article about her hectic life as a busy professional woman and mother and how her shed is an oasis of calm that allows her to separate those two areas of her life so she can just get shit done.

Despite some grammatical errors and typos, it’s the best thing I’ve ever read on LinkedIn because of the tone of voice.

As I read through the paragraphs, I perfectly pictured the chaos of the school run; the manic juggling of deadlines and responsibilities; the pull of the house chores when it really should be time to work on your other (paid for) job; and I was then transported to an entirely different world… to the best shed in the world.

She spoke to me in my own language and I loved it. I also want a shed.

Of course, not everyone felt the same and some of those boundaries were crossed. But whether you loved or hated the post, it was talked about… a lot.

I’d love to know the reach Cara managed with her post and subsequent updates, the increase in traffic to her company website, the additional followers she and her company have accrued since the notorious post went live. I’d also like to know how many articles have been written about her and the post as plenty of commentators have popped up to discuss this and she’s even been featured in National news!

If you’re not easily offended and are ready for a breath of fresh air, give her post a read and develop an unnecessary need for a shed and a girl crush on a business woman who doesn’t need to be beige.


UPDATE 18.01.17 - Cara's LinkedIn account appears to have been deactivated. Sad face. I've found a copy of the original post here

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