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No Fluffed Lines: A Brief History of Live TV Ads

John Cameron Swayze lowers a motorboat propellor into a transparent tank with a Timex wristwatch attached to one of its blades. The words 'SHOCK RESISTANT' appear on the screen. "All right, let's go", he says to his studio assistant, who...

Digital Industry

The Fight to Make Leeds a Digitally Inclusive City

In many ways, digital innovation represents the bleeding edge of much of our accelerating societal progress on the whole; computing power increases exponentially year-on-year, apps are updated by the week, and we...

Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight: Bramble Bakehouse

Light sponge. Fruit crumble. Rich chocolate tart. The scent of freshly baked treats can often be detected emanating from Bramble Bakehouse kitchen, hidden away on a Guiseley side street.

After getting ‘the itch’ over two years ago while teaching in...