Why the DM philosophy is perfect for marketers in the digital age

Why the DM philosophy is perfect for marketers in the digital age

As our 25th birthday comes careering ever faster towards us I have been thinking about the early days: why we set the agency up, what were the principles underpinning our proposition and how we identified a niche in the market worthy of exploiting.

Our original team was made up of most of Graham Poulter Direct and we broke away from Poulters in 1990, mainly because we didn’t fit their approach – TV and big media accounts were the focus and they just didn’t get our clients or us and what we wanted to do.

We started out based on the principles of accountable marketing and maximising lifetime value from profitable customer relationships. We were interested in targeting, data, prospect modelling, segmentation, integrated campaigns, response analysis, cost per response, cost per conversion, testing, acquisition, retention and NPD. Many of these have new names now, but they are still the same thing…

Over 25 years the experience we have gained on working on some great brands

This has, I believe, put us in a unique position to take full advantage of the opportunities presented in the digital age.

In our CRM and eCRM work with clients, the founding ideas of the agency are as valid today as they were 25 years ago. Personas, customer journeys and propensity modelling are the lingua franca we work with now but these are in reality exactly the same disciplines and principles in which we have always believed in.

DM was always viewed as transactional marketing but, in reality, the strategic imperative was always understanding customers, creating lifetime value and building relationships; all sounds very familiar doesn’t it! Rather than being channel specific, we have had to evolve to become channel agnostic – more than ever we need to use the right tools for the right job and our toolkit has therefore expanded to meet these demands.  

It is important to us and our clients that we have the skills and expertise to deliver and it is just as important that the work we do is supported by tried and tested principles which we know provide results.

If you want to chat about old times or where we see things going in the future, please drop phil@ewe.agency a line, he’d love to chew the fat with you! 

Phil Crossland
Posted on 07/01/2015
by Phil Crossland
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