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The Bromley Boys Movie: Over 7 Million Impressions for the Digital Launch of an Independent British Film


The Bromley Boys is an independent British Movie, produced by Itchy Fish Film which premiered in May 2018. We were asked to create the films website and develop a digital advertising campaign to drive awareness and attendance screenings at venues around the country. Given the period of the film, and the football theme, the main target audience was British men aged 50+. The challenge was to ensure that the marketing communicated the humour and relationship based themes as well in order to appeal to a wider family audience. 


We developed target audiences for Facebook and Instagram ads around football and nostalgic interests, as well as fans of the film's stars and their movies/shows. In addition to social media campains, we would support the awareness and web traffic objectives with YouTube video ads and paid search. All traffic would drive to the Screenings page on the website, where visitors could browse listings, and book tickets. We used elements of the story within the animation based home page navitation, including a vintage car, classic sheepskin jacket, and the main character's Chopper bike. Working closely with the film producers, we were able to develop engaging video content for multiple social media formats. 

As we drove web traffic from our interest-based audiences, we were able to build website based audiences for retargeting. Other effective groups were video engagement and web visitor lookalikes. Alongside the national awareness campaign, we ran a series of geotargeted ads to support ticket sales of local screenings. 



Paid social media campaigns across all channels generated over 7.5 million impressions, with traffic ads on Facebook/Instagram drawing 36K clicks at an average CPC of £0.23. Video views on all channels (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube) had an average cost per view of £0.01 incuding over 310K views of the movie trailer.