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more loans issued than previous year


increase in conversions YOY


of lapsed customers re-engaged

In 2016, Morses Club came to us looking for ways to develop direct mail which increased their conversion rate for both new and existing customers. They had found that sign-ups were tailing off and existing marketing materials not delivering the kind of awareness they sought.


In order to get a feel for the strong relationship Morses Club agents had with their customers and to get a wider feel for the overall brand, we visited the Morses Club offices in person and listened in on phone calls with members. From here we worked closely with their in-house marketing team, implementing the insight we had gained and the lessons we had learnt to create a bright, bold, visually appealing new mailer that reached out to customers with a view to increasing conversion rate.


Thanks to this new highly targeted direct mail and social presence, Morses Club achieved their most successful ever year with over 35,000 loans issued overall, representing a 10% YOY increase. The campaign also saw growth in both existing and lapsed customers with re-engagement conversion rates of over 50% in certain months post-project.