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Royal Mail: Employee Welcome Brochure

Royal Mail employ 1 in every 180 people in the UK, operating a European, Worldwide and UK network. They needed to create an Employee Welcome Brochure, refreshing the overall look and feel, and stepping away from the typical, mundane feeling that an informative booklet may incapsulate. The brochure was designed to be used as a printed booklet as well as an interactive PDF, with clickable navigation and links to external content.


Whilst considering the key components of the previous brochure and Royal Mail’s brand guidelines, we aimed to create an engaging document that the end user would find appealing, especially digitally. The Royal Mail brand is predominantly red and one of our objectives was to incorporate more colours without straying from their brand colour palette.


Using vibrant colours to differentiate sections from one another. These colours were reflected throughout the section pages. We decided to use bold headlines and rely heavily on illustrations throughout, with the addition of some photography. The illustrations and photography which we used demonstrates a multi-cultural, multi-race and mixed gender workforce and audience. This was crucial in highlighting Royal Mail as a company which promotes and supports equality and diversity on all fronts. The final creative is really strong and engaging it is easily navigable, and user friendly from an interactive point of view.