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Yorkshire Cancer Research: Multi-Channel Awareness Campaign


Yorkshire Cancer Research recognised they needed to reach more people in Yorkshire, and grow their fundraising database in order to share the 'avoid and early diagnosis' messages.

Their strategic aims were to become one of the leading authorities on cancer-related issues so that people living in Yorkshire were amongst the best informed in England. Also, by influencing better lifestyle choices and encouraging the earliest possible diagnosis through investing in research they could act as a catalyst for change.

Developing reciprocal partnerships with businesses in Yorkshire could not only create an income stream but deliver important cancer awareness messages to staff, principally how to avoid, survive and cope with cancer.


We decided to identify the most prevalent cancers in five major cities within the county. We then created headlines which pulled out famous attractions or objects associated with that city, highlighting that cancer is also something it should be notable for. We executed this across multiple channels including print, direct mail, email, a microsite and giving sites, whilst adding gravitas and authority by referencing existing partners and success stories.


“We are delighted with the strategic approach ewe has taken to deliver our employer proposition campaign. The creative output has been taken to another level and already started to resonate with Yorkshire businesses. We really value ewe’s marketing expertise and look forward to growing the relationship."

Juliet Glendinning
Commercial Director