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Here's Why We Love Your Content

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Congratulations! We have to admit it, we’re pretty impressed. Being in the whole ‘Content’ game ourselves we get through quite a lot of the stuff on a regular basis. We like to think we know our clickbait from our high-quality publishing and yours is most certainly in the latter category.

You see, the problem is that while there’s no shortage of content across that big blue information ocean known as the interwebz, quality does not tend to be of the highest order. That means that it’s refreshing to see you putting out such excellent, well-thought out material. Chapeau.

Having spent some time with the content you’ve published on your blog, given your articles the once-over and quantified what you’re offering your audience, here’s what we’ve identified as being big plus points:

1. Your content is as unique as possible

You’ve done the diligent thing and asked yourself: how easy it would be to find a similar piece on this topic elsewhere? You’ve realised that with many potential ideas that might quickly spring to mind, you’re going to be competing against hundreds – possibly thousands – of other articles which will severely reduce your chances of being read.

By picking an overly familiar subject and throwing your hat into the ring, you’ll be pitting your content against other outfits and organisations who almost certainly have more time, money and expertise to invest in their version, so why bother? Instead, you’ve been mindful of what you do best, what you stand for and why your customers want to engage with you, which will only serve to keep people coming back for more.

Yes, your product may be a USP, or your service market-leading, but what a business sells is only a fraction of what makes it special. Its heritage, the people within it, the inspiration and story behind its journey from inception to present day; these are all deep wells of subject matter that can do the hard work for you when it comes to creating distinction.

Excellent content should be of a certain word length

2. Your content is sufficient in length

It’s long enough to give your chosen topic enough room to breathe. Having selected subject matter that will make you stand out rather than blend in, you’ve then dedicated the right amount of time to generating a memorable article rather than churning out a slightly limp, few-hundred-word version of something that has already been flogged to within an inch of its life across the wider online world.

You trusted the process that something genuinely worth writing about would present you with an extensive range of points to cover off, in turn creating a more extensive wordcount by default. You knew that a longer article contains more detail; more detail provides better insight; better insight equals more authority; more authority improves shareability, likelihood of conversion and SEO factors.

We love how you chose to explore your chosen idea to a degree of depth that you can offer genuine insight to your readership. You’ve set aside a generous enough wordcount that you can not only go into depth which proved your command of the subject matter but also offer your own comment and analysis, in turn solidifying your expertise and thought leadership. In short, you’re rewarding those that dedicate the time to read your piece in its entirely.

great content should be unique

3. Your content is written primarily for the reader's benefit

You’ve written naturally, for the reader’s experience and insight. Your style is engaging, entertaining and earnest. You haven’t scripted a piece stuffed with keywords for search engines or bursting with calls-to-action to hammer conversions, but something oriented to the reader alone. Their enjoyment and satisfaction is your sole aim, and you’ve focussed the article on providing them with a straight-up quality read.

By making it worth their attention, which is the most valuable thing you can ask for, you have ultimately gained trust and loyalty over time. You know full well that over-optimisation, pushy language and forsaking genuine value for any ulterior motive will likely harm article engagement which, ironically, will actually worsen organic ranking and future visibility.

Make no mistake, your audience is a switched on bunch and can see right through a promotional piece masquerading as insight. Thankfully, you have avoided a scenario which erodes trust and authenticity in the long run, putting your reader first and foremost.

Blog content should be written for the reader's benefit

4. Your content is visually appealing

You’ve ensured that your published output is visually appealing as standard. In today’s image-dominant world, you made sure to incorporate original, relevant and appealing visuals into the piece, from stylish photography to purpose-made creatives, from data depiction to artistic illustration.

Fundamentally the worth of your content is based on the information and messages you convey, but you fully understand how the way in which you present or accompany this beyond the words on the page can enrich the reader’s experience and take it to the next level.

It varies in format and presentation; from classically structured articles to quizzes, infographics to video. Sometimes the way a piece of content is visualised will further sculpt the information contained within it, and on other occasions the copy itself will dictate the end presentation. The crucial thing is to experiment as, whatever happens, you’ll be left with a more vibrant range of assets to distribute across your audience.

Blog content should be visually appealing

5. You're content isn't selling anything

You’re not selling anything, other than your brand itself. Yes, you may be writing in relation to the types of products, services and industry in which you operate. Yes, through content you are attempting to persuade potential customers to choose you over the rest of the competition. But we’re happy to see you treating published content as neither the time nor the place to boast about the unrivalled features of your goods.

Instead, you’ve focussed your efforts on delivering a standout experience to your audience and beating the competition through the quality of your owned media. After all, fighting over price is a race to the bottom that you simply don’t want to win. Real, lasting success can only come about through consistently offering wider value that underpins your brand values over time.

You know that customers will buy from you because they're more invested in what you do than what you have; as a result, your focus through content is to give them a clearer, more resounding sense of this underlying motive, shunning the 'what' for the 'why'.

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