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Vicki has been going steady with Aviva since 1993

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2020 sees ewe agency celebrate 30 years in marketing, and for two-thirds of that time, Vicki Nahajec has been part of the team. For those of you who haven’t met Vicki, you’re missing out, and to give you the chance to get to know the lady behind the headlines, here’s a brief Q&A to give everyone a sample of one of our favourites.

Q) So, what do you do?

I am the Head of Account Management at ewe and therefore manage the client services side of the business, whilst also leading the team that supports our largest client, Aviva. We have worked with Aviva for an impressive 27 years through its evolution from General Accident to Norwich Union to the Aviva we know today!

vicki head of account management

Our first job for Aviva was back in 1993 - a new product launch for a Guaranteed Acceptance Life policy. We developed the brand General Accident LifeCover+ and tested a new direct route to market for them which was so successful at initial launch that admin had to be seconded in from other departments to process all the applications in time!

Since then we’ve forged lasting and trusted relationships with multiple marketing departments across the business from Motor Insurance and Savings and Investments to Corporate Health. Our history of successful projects earning our coveted place on Aviva’s official agency roster – not bad going for a little countryside agency!

aviva work examples

Nowadays we do everything from brochure design to email campaigns and DRTV ads for multi-site marketing teams spanning the entire UK. We’re consistently commended on our rapid response to briefs and faultless project delivery be it a series of press ads or a multi-channel integrated campaign.

aviva work examples 2

Q) What has inspired you lately?

Lots of things inspire me every day. It could be amazing travel pics on Instagram that make me want to jump on the next plane and explore a new city… it could be something random and hilarious the kids come out with. It could be a stunning piece of old furniture I come across on a visit to a reclamation yard or even a clever TV ad, which usually gets me thinking about what the initial brief must have looked like and how the creative team might’ve approached it to get to where they did.

Q) You’ve worked at ewe for over 19 years! What is it about this agency that you enjoy so much?

I’d have to say first and foremost it’s the people. They really are a great bunch to spend the majority of your waking hours with! The clients are great too. I enjoy the work/life balance and the flexibility that allows me to juggle working full-time with being a busy mum of three.

Q) What was the last brilliant idea you had?

I just booked flights to Lisbon for a cheeky minibreak next month! You’ve got to love a Ryanair bargain.

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